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Trident Dental Care | Meet the Doctor in Worcester

16 Park Ave,
Worcester, MA 01605

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Meet the Doctor
Trident Dental Care in Worcester MA

Dr. Vinay Battula is the primary dentist at Trident Dental Care and he is currently accepting new patients!


He received his DMD from Boston University and Master of Public Health from the University of Illinois. He loves Massachusetts and is excited to finally be putting down roots in a place where he feels at home.


Currently, Dr. Vinay Battula lives in Grafton with his wife and two daughters. During his free time, he enjoys spending quality time with his family and reading whenever the opportunity arises.


Patients have enjoyed visiting Dr. Vinay because he is compassionate and loves to create a vested interest in all of his patients. He is known for providing general family dentistry. He works with both children and adults and doesn’t mind dealing with someone who has a lot of fear or anxiety about sitting in the dental chair. He has a very mild-mannered personality and can put anyone at ease quickly.


Dr. Vinay has worked in cosmetic dentistry and has done a significant amount of work with implants and dentures. This allows people to explore the possibility of gaining a better smile, even when they have had problems in the past. He is committed to helping people look their best and will explore all of the possibilities with a patient.


Dr. Vinay has also had a lot of experience with extractions, root canals, and other general dentistry procedures. He believes it is important for everyone to have a good understanding of what the procedure is prior to him going into the mouth. He will give everyone the chance to ask questions and he will use props as needed to provide a full explanation.


Trident Dental Care’s mission is to help people achieve that genuine and confident smile. Dr. Vinay and the whole staff’s priority is and will always be the health of the patients. An attentive, knowledgeable and hospitable dental care professional, Dr. Vinay never fails to show his care for each and every patient that comes to his office for help.

With Trident Dental Care, patients are assured that they will receive only the best care that they deserve with the clinic’s state of the art equipment and advanced dentistry practices at a fraction of the usual cost.


Through the years of practicing dentistry, Dr. Vinay enjoys both the challenges and rewards of being a competent and caring dentist. Professional development and education serve as the hallmark of his career. The patients that he treated are all a testimony to the commitment that he made of being a dentist who cares genuinely and makes a difference in the lives of people.

Brushing, flossing, and going to annual dental visits is of the utmost importance – and Dr. Vinay will remind you of these things during your appointment.

Worcester Dentist | Meet the Doctor. Vinay Battula is a Worcester Dentist.